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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stretching Belief

This post takes a look at on-line honesty. The guest beast backed out at the last moment due to personal reasons so I am stepping up. I must admit that I agree with the Beauty's points and basically we are saying the same things although there are some minor differences in our opinions. The topic for today is: " When on-line, whether blogging, in chat rooms or in e-mails is total honesty required or is the author allowed to embellish details." Green Eyes and myself delve into this topic.

He said: This topic is basically a three part question and each one has it's own set of codes although none of which are strictly enforced. I will take each one step by step.

Blogging: There are as many different types of blogs as there are bloggers. If your blog is given to flights of fancy and works of outright fiction then the readers will be able to recognize it as such and you are given the free rein to so. If however your blog is an on-line journal of the author's day to day life and experiences then an author has a duty to keep it real. It would be very disingenuous indeed if an author of this type of blog told a fabrication in order to elicit sympathy or to inflame it's readers in some way. The blogging community cannot be fooled forever and one doing this will quickly lose both the respect and loyalty of it's readership.

Chatrooms: I have never really understood the whole chatroom craze. It seems to me that it is full of the biggest collection of liars ever assembled short of the personal ads. It seems like a good idea for people to come together and chat with one another on any related topic but the reality falls far short of the aim. Acned teens pretending to be older studs, older men trying to portray a youthful Adonis, and pervs and predators seeking to get their kicks, along with Medusa's pretending to be Britney's and Mariah's; these are what the chatrooms have become in reality. As long as you know this and do not take anything at face value then a chatroom can be fun otherwise you are in for a hard lesson in reality.

E-Mails: If you meet someone on-line and exchange e-mails, I believe you have an obligation to be completely truthful. Maybe I am old-fashioned but I liken e-mails to old fashioned letter writing. It should be a truthful exchange whether it be formal, friendly, or romantic. Anything less than honesty should be avoided if at all possible unless it is to maintain your safety.

She said: Let me start by stating that I cannot tell a lie. It's not that I haven't tried, but that it's just not possible for me to get away with it. I can never keep a straight face. An example, just last Thursday, my sister called me at work. She was having trouble with a co-worker, so she asked me to call her job and pretend that I was her son's pre-school teacher and tell her that he was sick and needed to be picked up. In order to keep her from going to jail on an assault charge, I wait five minutes, and call. When I get through to her, I start off really well, "Scott's sick, you have to..." but I end up laughing my ass off. She's pretending she's getting this serious call, making all the appropriate responses, Oh no! How bad? How high is his temperature?And, all I can do is laugh. When she gets to her car, she calls me up saying, "You are so terrible at that!" So, while others may pretend to be who they're not, or embellish details, it never occurs to me to do either. I'm just not capable of that.

With that being said, I think there's a big difference between blogs, chat rooms, and emails, when it comes to the honesty factor. A blog can be real or fiction, but in the end, it's storytelling at its best. It allows us to be whoever we want to be, write whatever we want to write. Here, feel free to be honest, to be dishonest, and to embellish as many details as you want. People will either read it, or they won't.

In emails, however, a person should be honest. To me, emails are a lot more personal. I expect people to tell me the truth. Maybe some of them don't, and I won't know any different, but I'm being honest with them, so I think it's only fair to expect honesty in return.

It's the chat rooms that are most open to embellishment and dishonesty. I don't bother with these chat rooms anymore because of the dishonesty factor.If I was out partying and not ready for bed, I'd go into a chat room and see what was going on. As soon as I wrote F/32/FL, I'd receive five IM's instantaneously. The number one question that men asked me was, "What are your measurements?" Hell, I suppose I could have lied, but what would be the point? I don't know the answer to that question, really, so I always told them, "I don't have a measuring tape laying around, but, I'm 5'6", brown hair, green eyes, medium build, small waist, big ass." What difference does it make? We're just words on a computer, right? Sometimes I'd get pictures sent to me. Girls, you ever get some where the lower body does not match the face? And, if that is their face, the photo's at least twenty years old! How about the photos of a certain body part? If the picture was really of them, they wouldn't be wasting time in a chat room.But I digress. Go ahead, embellish. I may have embellished a little, or at least tried to, depending on how much I'd had to drink, and how obvious the guy was being with his truth telling or lie spreading. My advice, depending on just how cynical you are, take everything you read with a grain of salt and hope for the best!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vote On The Template

Big D was not happy with the first template that he had built so as you can see he built a new one. I think that it has quite a few good features but I loved the other template. Although this one could grow on me. I especially like the way the picture changes and randomly selects the couple in an embrace at one viewing and backs turned against one another in the next viewing. He had to switch to Haloscan for the comments as the blogger comments would not work on the new template and is looking to see if he can import the old comments.

I thought that I would put the template up for a vote from the readers. Do you like this template or the one previously used with the art work of Frank Franzetta?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What Are You Thinking

I had a lot of fun spotlighting you, the reader, in the comment section of the last in-between post. The response seemed favorable so here is another topic for everyone. Remember to have fun with it. Do not worry about being politically correct be as serious or as funny or as sarcastic as you wish. The spotlight is on you so bask in it's glow and have fun.

The topic of the day is this: ' You have been chosen as a test subject in the latest medical breakthrough; brain transfer. There is no scarring involved in the procedure and you will only be trading bodies for one day. You will be trading bodies with a member of the opposite sex. Ladies will be trading bodies with Matthew McConaughey and men will be trading bodies with Angelina Jolie. My question to you is this; How will you spend the day?'

Friday, March 24, 2006

That's What I Like About You

This week's post is somewhat of a follow up to the last Beauty vs. The Beast topic. Instead of naming the three most annoying traits of the opposite sex, Cissa Fireheart and Phred were given the task of naming the three most endearing qualities in the opposite sex. This time it is Ladies first so on with the show.

She said: The three most endearing qualities of the opposite sex? Wow, are there any? Just kidding, but this is a most thought provoking question. Now I have been in my share of judging from what I can remember of those relationships and my marriage to Hubby for over 7 years, I'll give it a go:

1. When they have a passion for something and they REALLY give it their all - I'm not just talking about in the bedroom, although when a man gives it his all in bed, a woman usually will be brought to a true, toe-curling, involuntary-bucking-of-the-body orgasm. But primarily, for the sake of this topic, I also mean in his work, his hobbies, anything he feels a passion for and needs to put effort in. Seeing that a man truly cares about something (other than making his penis happy) and then makes effort to do his best with it is endearing...which leads to attractiveness for me. Unless it's something gross like....snot statues or backyard amateur matter how much passion a man has for something, if it's a gross thing, then it just becomes creepy.

2. Confidence -- not to be confused with total arrogance. A man who is confident - whether it be about his looks, sexuality (no matter what preference he may have), his ability to do a task, or his confidence in the Dolphins/Patriots game outcome, it is endearing to see a man who feels like there is nothing to worry about. You can tell a confident man by three things: he'll look you in the eyes when he talks, he'll stand straight and not slouch, and he won't fidget with his body parts (hands, face, genitalia) And confidence is sexy.

3. Sense of Humor - yep, you knew I was gonna say it. But I don't mean the guys who think they are undiscovered stand-up comics, or the ones who fart and belch in the middle of a fancy restaurant and feign innocence. I don't mean "trying to be funny" sense of humor. I mean when a guy can take a joke, and give a zinger right back. Like, when a man's buddies give him shit about being pussy whipped by his wife/girlfriend and he smiles and retorts that at least he's getting pussy, unlike his friends. He doesn't mind a little humiliation, isn't afraid to laugh at stuff, and can see humor in everyday things. Yes a guy who is funny is great at first. But constant jokes and slapstick gets old fast. It's much more endearing to see that a guy can take a joke and laugh with the rest of the crowd. It's more attractive if a guy thinks the same things you find amusing are just as much for him as well. I find a laughing man endearing. As long as his laugh doesn't sound like a hyena or a donkey on a kicking spree....

So there you have it Ladies and Gents. My top 3 endearing qualities in a man. I luckily have all 3 and more wrapped in a handsome package I call my husband. Sorry to disappoint any hot single guys out there who may have all the criteria to fit my attraction. This hot mom is taken!

He said:
A woman should be at peace with herself. In other words..if she does not like who she is, why should I ? She should not be impressed with or call attention to her physical beauty. Beauty is only skin deep , right ? Something like, hefty boobs, are just icing on the cake. A woman that is not happy with what or who she is .. is going to be hard to please.

A woman should have a meek and quiet spirit. The meek shall inherit the Earth''. I don`t mean she cannot talk or have an opinion. Just don`t scream your opinion at me, I am a better listener if you approach things more calmly. If she is loud and boisterous, most probably, I am going on the defensive , or at least tune it out. Nagging , bitching, and being argumentative are not going to endear you to me.

A woman should have a servants heart. I did not say the heart of a slave. Those are two different things. She should have the desire to please her mate. An example of this would be.. she should consider homemaking a high and noble calling. If she chooses to work outside the home, then she would look at her job the same way. These things are her contribution , and she should want to make this effort. An example of the other end of this spectrum would be a woman laying around a trashed out living room in her housecoat and fuzzy slippers, sucking on a 72 oz. Dr. Pepper, watching Jerry Springer.

I was limited here to 3 things that would endear me to a woman. A couple of things that did not make the top 3 were...A woman that will raise the toliet lid after she is finished. It`s just as easy for her to raise it as it is for me to lower it. A woman who is spontaneous.( Let`s get in the car and go to Vegas).

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Everyone Has A Say

The logistics of sending out topics to the guest authors, their subsequent response to the topic, and adding visualization mean that it takes about five days to put a post together. I admit that when it comes to blogging I am somewhat Adult ADHD. Five days to me seems a bit long between posts.

In an effort to keep things moving along, I have decided to try something new. At first, I had thought about either myself or a guest poster writing about a particular subject but then I happened upon another idea. Why not turn over these in-between posts to the readership. So now the spotlight is directly upon you. Each of these posts will feature various topics some whimsical and some controversial. I hope everyone enjoys these posts and they will continue if enough of you like the idea.

This week, I have decided to tackle a pet peeve of mine. I do not care for it when people speak in broad generalizations. Whether it be race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, we are more than just a part of a group. We are individuals with our own sense of identity. Sure there are some views that most all members of a particular group hold. This site explores those views. But we are all more than that.

Your topic for this post is, 'It makes me angry when people say that all members of my sex are .....'

Thank you in advance for your comments. Remember this post is your forum. Hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Things You Do

This post not only pits Beauty vs. The Beast but the views of a single man and a married woman. Big D and Ranea take on the question of 'What are the three most annoying traits of the opposite sex.

He said: Three most annoying habits of the opposite sex. Being a bachelor, I may not have the same insights as married people, but these are my observations.

Why is that most if not all women have the need to purge your porn collection. I've spent over a decade collecting that porn how dare you try and throw it away!!! If parents spent as much time with their children as I did with my porn collection, then we'd have a lot of strange mommy coddled teenagers. There have been so many times when a friend in a relationship would say, 'Hey, I've got to throw my porn out. Could you keep it for me? I can't bear to throw it in the garbage.' I know that cookie is well worth it, but come on have a little sympathy ladies. It was there with him long before you and when you dump his perverted ass it will be there to pick him up.

Freaking out over strip clubs!!! What's the deal with this. So I went out with the guys and paid a hot topless girl to sit and dance on my lap. It's all in good fun. It's not that I don't love you. It's just that I want to see as many tits as humanly possible. Don't view these girls as competition; They are Professionals. Think of them like psychiatrists allowing you to freely express yourself and ease your stress after a long week at work. Much like you feel the need to talk about everything we have the need to look at boobs.

The number one annoying habit; Coming from a bachelor. BABIES!!! I'm blaming this squarely on women. Leave your baby at home. Not only are babies loud, smelly, and ugly but they scare the living shit out of me. Seriously!!! If I was on Fear Factor and to win the fifty thousand dollars, all I had to do was hold a baby. I'd tell Joe Rogan that fear is ... Definitely a factor for me and take the walk of shame with my head held high.

She said: I had a hard time narrowing down what I feel are the three most annoying habits of men. That is a Pandora's box that once opened is hard to close but I finally narrowed it down.

The Hamper: First just let me say in case men don't understand the concept of a hamper. Dirty clothes go inside it; Not on top of it, behind it, or somewhere close to it. Women love a striptease but not a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom with the promise of 'Ill pick them up later.'

Directions: Why won't men ask for direction's? With very few exceptions they all say the same standard two answers. 'I am not lost.' and 'I will keep driving. I'll find it.' You will not find it if your in a different state!!! My husband has gotten us lost in areas of cities that even the police will not venture into at night. Come on guys, buy a map, spring for a GPS, or just stop the car. We will be glad to hop out and ask for directions!!!

Breasts: Stop talking to my tits!!! You wouldn't trust another man who wouldn't look you in the eye, Would you? To the best of my knowledge, there is not a speaker box to place an order planted in my bra. Don't walk up to me and say, 'Damn, What size are those?' Try finding out my name first. Believe it or not but there's a lot more to me than just my chest.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Template

Siren and Fuzz,

It was short notice, but I got you a decent template for the short term. I like it, but I fear it's a little too masculine. The header I found is from Frank Frazetta one of my favorite fantasy artist. I like how the beast is cowering behind the tree roots peeking at the beauty, while she oblivious to the world. I like how his half is dingy and cold, I picture it as dark and solitary. The “Beauty” side, however is nice and sunny, friendly. Over all I like it, but not for this blog, but it works for a temporary skin until I can put my full attention on it. If you have an idea or a thought you can let me know or you can ask your readers for ideas.

Big D
West Texas Rocks

Friday, March 17, 2006

A Message From A Beast

Hello, this is Fuzz from over at Blugstuff. Siren is temporarily on hiatus dealing with some personal issues. I have volunteered to keep this site going for her as best as I am able until she returns.

I am only a caretaker so there will not be many changes. I feel that this site fills a need in the blogosphere and I will do my best to adhere to Siren's high standard, although if you are aware of my site you will know that this is a monumental task.

If you would enjoy guest posting please send me an e-mail at my address or just leave a comment on this post. I am sure that Siren would appreciate any help that you could give.

I thank Siren for allowing me this opportunity to keep her site going and I thank you for your continued support of this site.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Making A Good First Impression

You always hear the old adage, "You only get one chance to make a good first impression." How you present yourself to people can be a difference maker when it comes to new jobs or new relationships. Our question today: What can a man or woman do to make sure they leave a favorable impression when meeting someone for that first date? David Amulet and new beauty on the block, Curare_Z, face off and provide useful tips for making a sterling first impression.

He Says: First impressions really do matter, right or wrong. And nowhere does that fundamental truth reveal itself more than in the world of dating. Thankfully, a woman can indeed make a positive impact right away. It only takes one thing.

Be Jessica Alba.

But if you’re not Jessica Alba, ladies, don’t lose hope. Other options for impressing red-blooded males remain. Just follow my advice and you’ll see your love life bloom like a spring flower.

I’ll start with a caveat that should be obvious: Avoid blind dates. I recall my first one, which was simply awful. I had no idea whether protocol required me to bring a biscuit for the seeing-eye dog, or just pat it on the head gently.

One step removed from the blind date is the online encounter. Trust me, o women, you’re not doing yourself any favors by posting that picture from three years ago. (You know, the one showing you 40 pounds lighter—and without the butch haircut your so-called friends convinced you was a good idea.) At best, your date will see you for the desperate manipulator that you are. And if he’s not into the Hilary Clinton type, well … then you’re not getting that second date.

Let’s imagine a different scenario: you’re trying to impress that cute barrista who’s making your grande soy latté.

First, dress for success. Wear an outfit that broadcasts your sensuality but leaves something to the imagination; I recommend a skin-tight black leather bodysuit.

Second, make sexy small talk. Nothing gets a guy’s curiosity piqued like suggestive banter; perhaps throw him a line like, “I want you to give me a double shot… and make it extra creamy, handsome.”

Third, some don’ts. Don’t be condescending or rude, don’t snap at him, and DON’T bring your dog. The last thing a guy wants is a bitch—especially one who drags her dog into the coffee shop with her.

She Says:

"Never try to impress a woman, because if you do she'll expect you to keep up the standard for the rest of your life."--W.C. Fields

Men ought to know by now that women generally trust their instincts. When we get that creepy vibe, though, you're in trouble...whether you're a stuffy old guy in a grey suit with a white and red tie who is twice the age of our father interviewing for a position as fry cook at Hamburger Heaven, or some guy with a dreamy look on his face wandering our way.

Regardless of the situation, what does that guy have to do to impress us? Due to man's wandering attention span, I've kept the list down to 5 (one principle for each finger on one of your hands, if you need to track of them by counting):

(1) Smile. Women like men that smile. Just don't have the "cat that ate the canary" or the "I can see your boobs through that shirt" kind of smile plastered across your face. Try to make it genuine...even if you have to fake it. We fake it all the time and a lot of guys don't even know it - so turn the tables on us.

(2) Shower. This is highly underrated. Smelling like a garbage truck won't impress anyone. Except maybe your dog.

(3) Saunter. This doesn't mean that you have to roll like a cowboy or walk like you're Stayin' Alive with John Travolta. Just don't drag your feet and don't run around the pool. A little confidence goes a long way.

(4) Speak to us. Not to our boobs. A lot of guys have been told to get a woman talking about herself. But keep in mind that this can backfire. If you keep asking us questions about our sisters, brothers, where we grew up, who our friends are...we're going to think you're a stalker.

And last but not least:

(5) Stop trying. Yes, I said it. When you fall all over yourself or try to tell us how cool you are, we hate it. And we may come to hate you for it. Just be yourself.

If all those fail, then show up with gifts...Preferably sparkly ones.

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it."--W.C. Fields

Friday, March 03, 2006

Open to Suggestions (aka I've hit a topic dry spell)

Got a topic you'd like to see discussed on upcoming Beauty vs. the Beast posts? We'd love to hear them! Leave a comment and let us know what topics should be hashed out by our Beauties and Beasts. Your input is always welcome and appreciated.